Stop Feeling Anxious. You're Not a Trained Professional. Yet.

How to take control of the reality of distance learning.

When we were all thrown into a mandated quarantine last spring, parents were asked to do the impossible -- to become their child's primary teacher, while continuing on with the full responsibilities of their own work. All from home.

These are literally two full time jobs!

We know by this point in distance learning that professional teachers are capable of what feels like the unimaginable:

  • they get buy-in from kids

  • they know how to coax them to sit down and actually complete work

  • they foster creativity and curiosity

  • they don't suffer through tantrums and whining all day

  • they do it without the power of bribing with screen-time!

I am Quaranteacher Tara, friends,

and I'm here to help you understand how to do that too!

I'm a veteran 14 year teacher, and also a mom who taught my kids at home during quarantine, while also teaching my students online.

(and survived!)

Distance Learning doesn't have to be nightmare, but winter is coming #GoT, and I am here to prepare you.

I have tips, tools and resources to share that will undoubtedly make the transition into this new school year easier, more fun, and ultimately way more successful than last spring's shit show. You were thrown into the deep waters and asked to swim, but I'm here with the life boat. Stop doggie paddling friend, I'm going to teach you how to drive it (that's a metaphor. we can cover that later if you need help with language arts curriculum).

Follow along, sign up for the blog, and never miss any practical, actionable, hard-earned advice that will help you become a successful Quaranteacher yourself, whatever your child's age may be.

Seriously, you can do this.

"You’ve always had the power my dear, you just had to learn it for yourself." - The Wizard of Oz