So Glad You're Here.

Hello! I am Tara Requa, and I've been a teacher since 2006. The majority of my time in education has been at a delightful and oftentimes magical pre-k through grade 8 Montessori School in Seattle. I am currently both a middle school humanities teacher and the Assistant Director of the school, so I work with kids ages 12 months to 14 years on the average school day. I've taught both in the classroom and online over the years, which is so fortunate because I feel like I still have firm and solid footing in my profession, despite all the recent changes to education in response to Covid. 

I'm also a mom to two boys, ages 10 and 7. They make me laugh every single day which is why I allow them to stay in my home. They had to learn at home for the first time last spring. I Quarantaught them, as well as managed my own students virtually. We all survived :). I also have a nice husband. He has recently become my pandemic hair stylist, and I don't think I'll ever go back to the salon again. Everything has become DIY around here; his latest project is to tune the piano with a $25 tool off of Amazon. We'll see...

Closely in the mix are also my parents, siblings and in-laws. We're all in touch in some form on the daily, and I consider myself nothing without each of them. 

Professionally, I am old enough to have gained a grand-student this past year after a former student went ahead and became a mom herself! It is my true hope that the hard earned wisdom of my 14 years in education can lift you up this year, and make learning at home a super positive experience for both you and your children.

Thank you for being here!